1. Why Is Your Garage Door Off Track?

    When a garage door comes off its tracks, it can be as simple as a single roller coming loose or as terrifying as your entire garage door falling over and crashing to the ground. There are a number of reasons that could cause a garage door to come off its tracks, typically requiring emergency garage door repair from a professional contractor. By understanding some of the common reasons behind the p…Read More

  2. Garage Door Repairs That Should Be Left To A Professional

    There are a number of garage door repairs that you should not and cannot do on your own, even if you consider yourself a handy person. Far too many homeowners think garage door full of intricate parts that sometimes aren't always apparent at first glance. Of course, not being able to get your car out of your garage is very frustrating, and that frustration only increases when you find out your gar…Read More

  3. Common Garage Door Opener Problems and How To Fix Them

    Automatic garage door openers are a great convenience. Not only do they allow you to quickly gain access and entry to your home, but they also provide a shelter for your vehicles and other investments that are stored inside your garage. Typically, garage door openers are highly reliable, which is why many homeowners become frustrated when they have a malfunctioning or broken garage door. Fortunate…Read More

  4. Helpful Tips to Avoid Emergency Garage Door Repairs

    Of course,  if you could, you would prefer to avoid garage door problems altogether. Unfortunately, just like any other machine with multiple moving components, garage doors and garage door openers are susceptible to wear, damage, and other issues that can cause your garage door system to not work the way it should be, leading to unsafe and inconvenient situations. Luckily, RTS All American Garag…Read More

  5. Why Choose Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

    At RTS All American Garage Doors, we’re committed to quality in everything that we do. That’s why, in addition to a team of experienced, knowledgeable garage door technicians, we also offering garage doors, garage door openers, and other products made by the leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure that those in our community get the durability and long-term value out of an investment l…Read More

  6. Six Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is A Bad Idea

    Starting in the 1980’s, do-it-yourself, or DIY has come a long way. DIY is a term that is used by multiple communities of professions that focus on people creating things for themselves, without having to pay for the actual product or service. It was not before long that people across the nation were taking part in the money-saving movement. People were choosing to do a variety of DIY projects, …Read More

  7. Security Tips To Prevent Garage Theft

    Your garage plays a pretty important role in your home. In addition to offering storage and protection for your vehicle's, many homeowners use their garages to store other belongings, too. However, garages are sometimes the most vulnerable areas of a home. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there’s always the unfortunate chance of theft and burglary. Usually, garages serve as a primary ent…Read More

  8. Reasons to Upgrade to a New Garage Door

    If you’re a homeowner, you may have wondered about what simple, affordable, and beneficial investments you can make to upgrade your home. Whether you’re thinking about adding a home theater or maybe that kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, it's more than likely that you won’t be thinking about your garage door. Garage doors play an important role in your home. It is most likely one of the la…Read More

  9. Know When To Call RTS All American Garage Doors!

    Garage doors play a very important role in our homes. In addition to being a key piece of a home’s visual appearance, garage doors protect your vehicles and other property, and in some cases, block an entrance into your home. Without a working garage door, your car and other belongings can either be trapped or vulnerable to theft, damage, or other consequences. Also, having a garage door that do…Read More

  10. Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Spring Time! TEST DOOR BALANCE As springtime approaches, you will see garage door use increase. Here are a few Garage Door Maintenance Tips. Testing the evenness or balance of your garage door is also a telltale way of examining if other areas of the garage door unit are starting to fail. The steps for testing a door’s balance include: Closing the garage door Dis…Read More