While garage doors typically last 15-30 years — (almost) indefinitely with the proper care and sparingly use — there may come a time when you need a new garage door. Whether it’s because of damage or wanting to add a little spice to your curb appeal, new garage door installation requires more than you would typically think. You want your new door to be as attractive and functional as possible, therefore, choosing a garage door takes some serious thoughts and consideration. 

At RTS American Garage Door, we have installed countless garage doors for homeowners in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. Your garage door can comprise as much as a third of your home’s exterior, and to help you make the best choice for your home, below, our garage door contractors share a few factors you should consider when choosing a new garage door for your home.


Today, garage doors are available in a variety of high-quality materials. Typically, the most popular residential garage door materials include vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass, and wood. The good thing about galvanized steel or aluminum garage doors is that they are very durable — they do not wrap, crack, or delaminate, and they are less likely to rust. Vinyl garage doors are fairly inexpensive, but they can crack with age or extreme temperature fluctuation. In Florida, high winds, rainstorms, and other extreme weather conditions can negatively affect your garage door. Different garage door materials withstand weather conditions differently, so it’s important to choose a garage door material that will be able to stand up to the weather in the Sunshine State. 


Speaking of withstanding weather, durability is definitely something you want to look for in your new garage door. Even though garage doors can last 15 to 30 years with regular garage door maintenance, there likely will come a time when they require repair due to an accident, heavy usage, old age, or a heavy storm. Choosing a well-made, high-quality garage door that is known for its durability will help it last longer. 


Like materials, garage doors are available in a wide variety of designs and styles and selecting the right one can make all the difference to not only your garage, but also your home and its curb appeal as well. Think about your personal preferences as well as the current exterior of your home. Would you like a garage door with raised or recessed panels, or is a carriage house garage door more your style? There are so many different options available and defining what it is you want most in your garage door will help make your choice easier. 


Of course, the price of a new garage door is well worth considering. Fortunately, a garage door can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars and as costly as a few thousand dollars. Quality of the design, construction, and material all affect the price of a garage door. Inexpensive doors usually have a shorter life span and require more frequent repair and maintenance. If your budget allows, it is worth thinking about investing in a high-quality garage door. Not only will it give you the appearance and functionality you need, but it will also help increase the value of your home. 

Considering the four factors above should make selecting a new residential garage door for your home much easier. Keep in mind, though, it is important to work with a garage door company that not only offers garage door installation, but a selection of well-made, high-quality garage doors as well. At RTS All American Garage Doors, we carry some of the best garage doors the industry has to offer, including Wayne Dalton Garage Doors! 

If you are interested in garage door installation, contact our team of experienced garage door contractors today!