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Elevate The Curb Appeal Of Your Home Or Business With Our Garage Door Repairs & Parts Installations In Alabama


Is It Time To Optimize The Way Your Garage Door Operates?

In Mobile County, whether you own a home or a small business, it’s important to do a lot more than maintain a nice plot of grass — in our neck of the woods, a functional and properly equipped garage door system basically requires a design that incorporates components for hurricane protection! Fortunately, here at RTS All American Garage Doors, we provide all the essential services you need to maintain your garage door. 

Whether it’s a garage door realignment or a torsion spring replacement you need, our team of specialists and home contractors have combined decades of experience in repairs, installations, and many other garage door services. We also carry an extensive range of highly rated brand-name products, including Wayne Dalton garage doors. So no matter what you may be seeking to ensure your garage door system operates, you can ensure it will perform with optimal functionality for years to come when you get it serviced by our team. 

RTS All American Garage Doors is the Top-Rated Local® garage door company in Mobile. Our specialists are here to provide you with the parts installations and specialized garage door services you need for the peace of mind that your home — and all those who live within it — is safe, structurally sound, and secure at all times. 

Below, you can explore some more information about just a few of our commonly requested services for broken garage doors and new garage door installations in Mobile. If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote, give our team a call today!


The average American opens and closes their garage door approximately four times per day. Here in Mobile, in the heat and humidity, whether it’s to head off to work or to make a quick trip to the grocery store, you won’t get too far without a car and some AC. But you definitely won’t get far if your garage door doesn’t open!

Although other types of damage may be a contributing factor to a poorly operating garage system, we’ve found that it’s far more common to encounter door mobility issues caused by a malfunctioning or broken garage door opener. 

When a garage door opener ceases to work as it should, the poor performance may be caused by a number of issues. Some of these can be repaired with a relatively simple process, while other causes may require extensive work and technical expertise to correct. Whether your garage door opener has been out of operation for a few days or a few months, you don’t want to wait to get it fixed! 

No matter what may be the underlying cause of a broken garage door system, you’re better off getting an opinion from someone who knows the literal ins and outs of the car-holding structure. Our local contractors are just the team for the job! Whether the garage at your Mobile property has been out of operation for a few days or a few months, with hurricane season always just around the corner, you certainly wouldn’t want to wait to get it fixed! 

With more than 10 reputable years of highly favorable customer service reviews in the greater Mobile area, there’s no doubt that RTS All American can restore your garage door opener to good-as-new quality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, get a free quote on any service, or to request same-day repairs on broken or damaged garage door parts.

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Does your garage door appear to be hanging at an angle? Does it make an annoying or abrupt noise when in use? Have you noticed a slowly growing space between the bottom of the garage door and the interior garage floor? If you have seen one of these signs or symptoms in your own garage door, it may just be in need of a realignment. Fortunately, any off-track garage door can be remedied with a prompt and convenient visit from the team at RTS All American. 

Many residents and business owners in Mobile ask us why an off-track garage door repair is such a big deal. Sure, it may be a bit of an eye sore, but if it still works, isn’t that easy to look past? Well, knowing a bit about the structure of a garage door system is the first step to understanding why realignments can be so critical.

All garage doors, whether situated on a residential property or on a commercial site, have a nearly identical blueprint when it comes to fundamental design components. Garages work by moving along two tracks, one on either side of the door. When garage door tracks are shaped and operating the way they ought to, your garage door will likely open and close without any fuss. Garage doors on proper tracks will move along a level and horizontal plane of motion, whether they’re going up or coming down. So, if your garage door looks like that one painting in the house that never seems to hang straight — it’s pretty probable that it’s suffering from the symptoms of misalignment.

Although the aesthetics of an off-track garage door may not bother you, this type of malfunction can endanger you, your vehicles, and anyone else who lives in or frequents your Mobile property. Failing to correct a misaligned garage door significantly increases the likelihood that it will slip and fall off the tracks. Unexpected door collapses can injure those in the garage area, as well as destroy personal property and vehicles. Perhaps most critically in a climate such as ours in Southern Alabama, an off-track garage door is sure to cave in at the first serious sign of a hurricane.

An off-track, off-kilter garage door is more than just an aesthetic annoyance - it’s a potentially destructive and harmful problem for your property. Don’t ignore the issue or let your misaligned door fall by the wayside. Instead, take a simple step and quickly get back on track by contacting our garage door repair and installation specialists in Mobile today.

Learn About Our Other Garage Door Services in Mobile

From residential garage door restoration to full commercial installations of top-quality Wayne Dalton products, we’re proud to be the leading local garage door company in Mobile. If you still think the next leading competitor is better, we’re eager to show you why that’s not the case — we're happy to do so at no cost to you! 

If your garage door is misaligned, worn out, or operating less optimally than it should, just give RTS All American a call. Our professional expertise and technical skills can fix the issue in no time at all — especially with same-day service! Throughout the Greater Mobile Metro area, our garage door company is ready to provide the solutions, parts, and services you need. Contact us today for more details about RTS All American Garage Doors. As a small initial sign of our Southern hospitality, we’ll gladly give you a free quote too!

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