There are a number of garage door repairs that you should not and cannot do on your own, even if you consider yourself a handy person. Far too many homeowners think garage door full of intricate parts that sometimes aren’t always apparent at first glance.

Of course, not being able to get your car out of your garage is very frustrating, and that frustration only increases when you find out your garage door is essentially stuck until the proper repairs are made.

With the right garage door repair service, you’ll get timely repairs. At RTS All American Garage Doors, we understand the urgency of a malfunctioning or broken garage door, which is why we make it a priority to get your door working again. In one of our recent blogs, we shared six reasons why DIY garage door repair is a bad idea. Today, we are going to reveal three garage door repairs in Pensacola that require help from our experienced garage door technicians – for the sake of your door and your safety.

Broken Garage Door Springs

If you have had your garage door for a number of years, it is normal for some parts to undergo some wear and tear. After all, you probably use your garage door every day. Garage door springs can break after years of extended use, especially if they are not properly maintained. Since the garage door springs hold up the weight of your garage door, there is a lot of stress put on them. When garage door springs break they can cause the door to become unbalanced, and an unbalanced door can be dangerous and cause extra wear and tear on the garage door opener, as well as damage the top of the door where the opener arm attaches.

Garage door spring repair should be left to the professionals due to the danger involved. If not handled properly, the results could be damaging. Plus, when new springs are not properly installed, they’ll do more damage to your garage door than the broken spring

Garage Door Off Track

Another common garage door problem that many homeowners think they can repair themselves is an off track garage door. However, trying to repair an off track garage door increases the risk of safety hazards or damage. Modern garage door systems have sensors that make ensure a clear path while using a garage door opener. However, if you have an older garage door without these sensors, the door could close on someone or an object. Running into your garage door with your vehicle can also knock things out of alignment. Regardless of what caused your garage door to fall off its track, this is a repair that should be left to the professionals.

Deteriorating Rollers

If you notice jerky movements and squeaking sounds when opening and closing your garage door, you may have deteriorating garage door rollers. While they may look simple to replace yourself, doing so can result in the deterioration of other hardware on the door.

The above garage door repairs should be left to a professional garage door company; they have the knowledge and know-how to quickly and cost-effectively repair the issue, and get you on your way again. At RTS All American Garage Doors, we’re here to make garage door repairs in Pensacola easy, convenient, and affordable. If you are in need of garage door repairs, contact our team today!