Misaligned Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door crooked? Does it make a grating noise when in use? Or is there a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor of your garage? If you have noticed one or all of these behaviors when using your garage door, it may be off-track. Any of these signs of misalignment are a surefire sign that your equipment is due for a visit from RTS All American.

Why is an off-track garage door such a big deal? Almost all garage doors have a similar design that features two tracks on either side of the unit. When they’re functioning the way they should, your garage door will open and close properly — that is, it will run on a horizontal and level path in both directions of motion. If your garage appears to be hanging crookedly or resting unevenly on the ground, this is a strong indication that it has gone off-track.

Although the aesthetics of misalignment may not bother you, off-track garage doors can be a danger to your home, you, and any other residents. If the misalignment isn’t corrected, your garage door may fall completely off its tracks, damaging any vehicles, property, or people in its path. Off-track garage doors are also less likely to hold up in the event of a hurricane, and Destin is certainly no stranger to serious storms!

An off-track garage door is more than just a cosmetic issue, so don’t let your misaligned door fall by the wayside. Get back on track by calling RTS All American Garage Doors in Destin today.