Your garage plays a pretty important role in your home. In addition to offering storage and protection for your vehicle’s, many homeowners use their garages to store other belongings, too. However, garages are sometimes the most vulnerable areas of a home.

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there’s always the unfortunate chance of theft and burglary. Usually, garages serve as a primary entrance and exit of a home and they are usually the most isolated. That said, garages are a point of entry that is often targeted by thieves and burglars because it gives them easy access to a home. To ensure that your garage is safe from attempted break-ins, check out a few tips that will help secure your garage and protect it from theft.

Keep the Door Closed

While this may seem like a no brainer,  it’s surprising how many homeowners forget to close their garage. An open garage is almost like an invitation for burglars, especially if you keep valuables in there. Ensuring that the garage door is closed, and that the doors and windows within the garage are closed and locked, will help reduce the risk of break-ins. If your home has an attached garage, it is recommended that the door connecting the two areas is kept locked.

Keep Your Garage Well Lit

An easy and effective way to improve home security is a well lit area. Thieves will be very hesitant to try to break into an area that is well lit. Adding exterior lighting outside your garage will help make it an less-enticing target for thieves, giving you extra security. If energy consumption is something that concerns you, you can install motion detecting lights that will only turn on when someone or something is nearby.

Cover Garage Windows

Even if your garage door is closed, intruders can still see what’s within your garage by looking through the windows. And if they cannot see all of your valuables, the less likely they will attempt to break in. Most garages don’t feature a lot of windows, so simply covering them with curtains, or even sheets, will do the trick. If you’re worried about natural lighting in your garage, translucent film and other sheer materials are great for allowing light to enter the area while clouding the view in from outside the window.

Install A Security System

When it comes to security, there are plenty of options available. On the simpler side, installing a door sensor can serve as a hindrance to potential thieves. Certain door sensors will send out an audible alarm when the garage door is open, so you will immediately know if someone is trying to attempt a break-in. In addition, many modern garage door openers have built-in security features, like the ability to monitor when the door is opened or closed, or a self-closing system.

If you want to take your garage security to the next level you could consider adding motion sensor cameras. These save on energy consumption and offer a high level of security. When cameras are present, burglars will be hesitant to attempt a break-in and will avoid them at all costs.

Install a Reliable Garage Door

Older garage doors are much easier to break into. You should have a garage door that serves as a strong, durable obstacle between the interior and the outdoors. Choosing a garage that is built with high-quality materials while still bringing a modern aesthetic to your home. A stronger garage door with an opener that features modern technology will help reduce the risk of break-ins.

Keep the garage remote and keys with you

If you’re someone who is notorious for leaving their car unlocked in the driveway, you’re giving thieves an open invitation into your garage. When cars are parked in places other than your garage, especially when they are left unlocked, intruders can easily have the ability to open and close your garage door. In addition, it is good practice to always keep your house and garage keys on you instead of leaving them in the car, as thieves can access your garage and home with them.

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